Teeem partnering with Community in Peru

TEEEM is investing in education as well as  providing economic resources to indigenous villagers in the high Andes of Peru. Offering Microloans to cultivate and sell Quinoa as well as other nutritious crops, The villagers benefit as well the community where they live-a win/win situation for all.


Mother and young daughter in the village of Churro.
Young girl in the village of Uratari in the county of Limatambo.
The village of Choquemarca in the county of Limatambo at more 11,000 feet of altitude.
Students eager to learn in Choquemarca.
Older woman and her husband, two microloan recipients in the village of Churro. 
Standing Tall in Choquemarca.
HighSchool student receiving academic award in Limatambo County.
Students eager to learn in Choquemarca.


A baby in Peru is about 2 times more at risk of dying in childbirth than in the USA.


A worker in the USA lives on a salary that on average is about 10 times greater than that of a worker in Peru.


A person in the USA typically dies about 5 years later than a person in Peru.