International Programs
Medical Care, Economic Empowerment, Food, Water, and Education
USA School Programs
Giving students an opportunity to create a better world
Change the World
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A holistic approach to helping lives and communities in an increasingly interconnected and vulnerable world.

         International Programs

  • Supporting medical facilities staffed by nurses and doctors in very poor and remote regions with FREE patient care.
  • Offering microloans with as little as $100 so women can create small sustainable businesses.
  • Providing hot meals to children for less than 20 cents so they can attend school and have the energy to learn.
  • Investing in teacher salaries and educational programming to help break the cycle of poverty.
  • Building wells for clean drinking water as well as other community infrastructure projects.
TEEEM invests in medical care and microlending in Peru.

         School Programs

  • Giving students a unique hands-on experience to effect change in the developing world.
  • Providing students an opportunity to learn about history, geography, climate, demographics, economics, education, culture and more.
  • Offering students, a collaborative opportunity to manage a nonprofit in which the bottom line is saved lives and empowered communities.
TEEEM partner high school in Cambodia.

Change the World

If you are interested in giving back or having a hands-on education to solve world problems, then contact us at

Expanding Educational Opportunities in Africa