Kenya: Looking Ahead to 2020

Every year, there is at least one special story about a child that would have been lost without GRACE’s support. Joseph Matara, the founder of The GRACE Project, shared with us how one of the students, D*, originally came to GRACE because she was in-danger after enduring a brutal rape. Although the abuser was put in jail for a long time, the extended family of this individual was angered by losing their main breadwinner and the girl was in danger of further retaliation. Her mother essentially hid her with her extended family in Kisii. She graduated from GRACE this year and was accepted into high school. However, Joseph found out that the family sent her to Nairobi to work as a housemaid in an effort to earn money and send it back to them in Kisii. Joseph and the GRACE staff intervened and convinced the family to get her back. Our GRACE staff helped D buy the supplies she needed for school and Joseph found someone to help pay her high school tuition this year. The staff escorted her to school to begin her high school career.

Karen Wright, President of the Board of Trustees talks about her relationship with D, “This one is personal to me also. On my first visit to Kisii, I visited D’s home and had a chance to talk during our walk to her home.  She told me she had been in the hospital before coming to GRACE (after her attack) and she had a woman surgeon who really made an impact on her. She told me she wanted to be a surgeon because if that woman could do it, she could too… and Kenya needed more surgeons to help people in need.  It breaks my heart to think that dream was almost extinguished…. a potential surgeon working as a housemaid.  I am so grateful to be a supporter of Joseph and our GRACE staff.”

The GRACE Project’s mission is to inspire financial independence for Kenyan families through education, healthcare, and vocational agriculture training. TEEEM has been supporting the GRACE Academic Center in Kisii, Kenya since 2019. If you’d like to get involved or learn more, please reach out to us at or leave us a comment below!