About Us

TEEEM investing in medical care and education.

Teeem Philosophy

Meeting community needs worldwide through empathy and partnerships.

Empathic Partnerships with Social Entrepreneurs

TEEEM invests in humanitarian organizations led by social entrepreneurs. With a small investment, many thousands of patients, children, students and women can respectively be treated, fed, educated and economically empowered.

Empathic Partnerships with Students

TEEEM’s School Program provides students in the USA with an innovative opportunity to gain management and entrepreneurial skills while expanding their world perspective. TEEEM matches a school in the United States with an international community. With an emphasis on medical, economic, and educational programming, TEEEM advises and guides students and teachers to co-manage the site with the social entrepreneurs who direct the humanitarian organizations.

Promoting English and Computer literacy in Cambodia

Empathic Partnerships with Everyone

Treating Patients, Feeding Children, Educating Students and Empowering Women for a Safer and More Equal World




Georigie Badiel-Liberty

CEO & Founder of GBF

“When I was young, I used to walk hours every morning to collect water that was barely drinkable.” 

Georgie Badiel Liberty

The Georgie Badiel Foundation (GBF) provides clean water and sanitation to the people of Burkina Faso. GBF builds and restores wells, provides technical training in well operation and creates educational programs for sanitary and hygiene practice. “We are developing sustainable solutions that will empower individuals for generations to come.”

Evan Shidler

Millburn High School TEEEM Club

Evan - MillBurn High School

While my great-grandma has been the spirit driving my namesake, TEEEM has infused the E in Evan with empathy on an active level, and for that I am grateful. When I first heard Georgie’s story, it went right to my core that she had had to walk so far from her village to get clean water. I instinctively put myself in her shoes and felt the impulse to act. I was really touched when Mme. Ekin asked me to be co-president our club. It has to been a joy and privilege to have the role of working one-on-one with our principal to get TEEEM messaging out to Millburn High on a weekly basis.