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Humanitarians of New Jersey

Bergen County New Jersey, named after Bergen, Norway, is the largest county in the 6th richest state in the USA. Like many places in America, there is much diversity- a fact to be celebrated. It is a place where many of its residents care about their town, county, state and nation. It is also a place, where many of its people care about an even bigger world outside national borders where more empathy equality and entrepreneurship would go a very long way in creating a better and safer world.

The TEEEM School Programs provides students a unique hands-on learning experience to effect change in the developing world.  Matched with a country site in the developing world, students learn about history, geography, climate, demographics, economics, education, culture, religion and more. Perhaps most excitingly, with TEEEM support and on-the-ground partners, students have the opportunity to collaborate or even co-manage a nonprofit in which the bottom line is saved lives and empowered communities.  This is a great opportunity to learn, be a co-manager as well as a social entrepreneur.

Youth are 30% of the world but 100% of the future.

I am involved with TEEEM because I have always strived to make a difference in everything I do. Having this incredible opportunity gives me experience I can use to someday make a bigger difference in the world, which has always been the goal.

– Anna, Pascack Valley HS, Class of 2020

One of the reasons why I love working with TEEEM is that I get to be part of a club that makes a real difference to real people.

– Courtney, Northern Highlands Regional HS, Class of 2020

I love working to improve the lives of others and the feeling of giving someone something beneficial is very satisfactory. I love the group I am a part of, and I can’t wait to accomplish more and see what else we are capable of achieving.

– Brendan, Waldwick HS, Class of 2022

One of the most important things to do in life is to give back and help bring awareness and change for those who are less fortunate. The Cambodia Club and TEEEM give me the platform and opportunity to do this.

– Brooke, Ridgewood HS, Class of 2020

Most people ask me why I am involved with TEEEM, well when I first found out about TEEEM, I was intrigued as to what it stands for. Its mission is to help others living with less luxuries as us like schools and doctors.

– Emily,  Bergenfield HS, Class of 2021

By being a part of TEEEM, I am able to contribute my time and talents to a great cause. I love collaborating with the surrounding high schools in Bergen county.

– Westwood TEEEM

TEEEM Accomplishments


With the help of our partner schools, TEEEM developed a book for sale, called Humanitarians of New Jersey. Email info@teeem.org or reach out to one of our partner schools to purchase your copy!


Join us on April 24th at the Ridgewood Guild Film Festival where four films from our partner high schools will be premiered.


If you are interested in having a hands-on education to solve world problems, then contact us at teeem@info.org.