School Programs

School Programs

TEEEM provides students a unique hands-on learning experience to effect change in the developing world.  Matched with a country site in the developing world, students comprehensively learn about history, geography, climate, demographics, economics, education, culture, religion and more. Perhaps most excitingly, with TEEEM support and on-the-ground partners, students have the opportunity to collaborate or even co-manage a nonprofit in which the bottom line is saved lives and empowered communities.  This is a great opportunity to learn, be a co-manager as well as a social entrepreneur.


Through this Student Driven initiative, TEEEM will provide ongoing financial and operational support  to participating schools, so that students can optimize their experience while they help make a more connected and safer world.


Youth are 30% but 100% of the future.


If your school is interested in participating in the TEEEM School Program, please reach out to:


Dan Recht

Director- TEEEM School Program