About Us

A TEEEM Doctor examining a young patient in Burkina Faso

Teeem Philosophy

TEEEM’s mission is to meet community needs worldwide through empathy and partnerships.

Empathic Partnerships with Women and Immigrant Entrepreneurs

Given crippling gender inequality, women empowerment is a major catalyst for progressive change in the developing world. TEEEM, with a focus on real results and long term sustainability, carefully selects and sponsors empathically-minded women with entrepreneurial skills. TEEEM provides start-up capital and operational support to our social entrepreneurs. With this money, thousands of patients can get medical treatment, children can be supported at school and businesses can be started with microloans.

Empathic Partnerships with Students

TEEEM’s School Program provides students in the USA with an innovative opportunity to gain management and entrepreneurial skills while expanding their world perspective. Through school clubs, course requirements, and ad hoc initiatives, TEEEM matches a school in the United States with an international community. With an emphasis on medical, economic, and educational programming, TEEEM advises and guides students and teachers to co-manage the site with TEEEM’s field managers.

Promoting English and Computer literacy in Cambodia

Empathic Partnerships with Everyone

So little money goes so far for the billions of people living in the world’s poorest places. TEEEM was founded to make the best possible social or human return on investment. In making investments of this kind, TEEEM supports communities and social entrepreneurs around the world.

The world is a better place if the feeling of Empathy and the thought of Equality become more possible through the action or behavior of social Entrepreneurialism.

TEEEM up to make feeling, thought and action work together for humanity.


Teaching Empathy, Fighting Inequality, Promoting Entrepreneurship



Nicole Kambou

TEEEM Entrepreneur From Burkina Faso

Nicole was born in Burkina Faso, a short walk away from TEEEMs’ projects, now in operation in the village of Ouadaradouo. Nicole has always been drawn to helping others who were less fortunate than her. “I wouldn’t eat any of my breakfast, instead I would take it to school and share it with others,” said Nicole. When Nicole was 16, her mother died in childbirth.

Afterwards, her desire to help others grew stronger. “I had everything I needed, but I had an emptiness in me,” said Nicole. So she began to visit some of the orphaned children in her neighborhood and brought them clothes and food. She even brought 10 kids to live with her and her father for a short period.

Nicole is now living and helping people as a nurse in her adopted city of Toronto, Canada, but her heart and soul very much belong to her native homeland in a tiny part of southwest Burkina Faso, where with TEEEM’s financial and operational support, she can help thousands of people to live and survive with dignity. Today, and in addition to being a TEEEM social entrepreneur, Nicole is the founder and managing director of ATEFEO, a non-profit that helps more than 500 orphans in the southwest of Burkina Faso.